Why are Loaders with Repeater+Delegate combos so slow in Debug mode?

  • Hey all, hopefully this question isn't too vague without providing some code.
    Basically, I have a Loader that contains a Flickable, a Column and a Repeater to fill the Column. I have chosen not to use a ListView because it hiccups severely when scrolling on iOS. The memory consumption is not an issue.

    Anyway, to the point: The Loader is asynchronous and takes around 35 seconds to complete approximately 40 delegates before the Loader is Ready. This is a Debug build, and it doesn't matter what the delegate is (empty Item, or my fully fleshed-out delegate with bindings etc)

    However, when I swap to Profile or Release, the Loader takes under 3 seconds to complete the very same operation. I'm using Qt5.8 and QtQuick Compiler is enabled on all builds. This is specifically for iOS and Android, as delegate creation time does not seem to be an issue on Mac or Windows.

    I'm not necessarily looking to "solve" this problem, I was just wondering what the cause may be behind it? I can't use the Profiler to find out what the issue is, since the Loader works as it does in Release mode.


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