What is the best way to create new QQuickItem on C++ side with the same properties as an existing one

  • I have a QQuickItem fetched from C++ side like this.

    QQuickItem * my_item = qmlEngine->rootObjects()[0]->findChild<QQuickItem*>("ItemObjectName");

    my_item is valid & has all the properties set on to it.

    I have 2 windows which need this QQuickItem to be drawn on alterantively. I want to render this my_item to a different window. This works perfectly fine as long as I set the Parent of the my_item to the other window

    // the_other_window is a QQuickWindow
    QQuickWindow * the_other_window;
    // here I set parent

    This requires me to do setParentItem again back to my_item's original window otherwise it goes invisible on the original window. This is working but gives me unnecessary dependency. Instead I am trying to create a copy of the QQuickItem & do a setParentItem on that. By copying like this:

    QQuickItem * item_copy = new QQuickItem(my_item);

    I want to make item_copy as exactly the same as my_item. I learnt that QQuickItem is not copyable. So, want to set all properties of my_item into item_copy. Thus recreating my_item from scratch. How can I do this? What properties should I copy primarily? width, height, x, y & what else?
    Is there a method to copy all the valid properties into this new one without copying each one by one?

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