Changing properties of custom widget from designer

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    I have a custom widget for which I have an interface so I can add it in the designer and see how it looks (not promoting widgets, drag and drop from side menu). For this, I used QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface. Now, I want to be able to modify some of the properties of my widget from the designer itself. However, I can modify options regarding the base class QWidget. By this I mean, that at this time I only get the yellow options of the following image (specific for QWidget), but I don't get any other option such as the green or blue ones (specific options for QAbstractButton and QPushButton respectively). If I want to be able to add options to the designer which module from the QtDesigner Modules should I use and how?

    Thank you very much!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should take a look at the properties system documentation. The DESIGNABLE qualifier is likely what you are looking for.

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