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Qt Remote Objects and Different Versions of C++

  • I am trying to switch to QtRemoteObjects for our RPC system and we have run into a snag. One of the connected embedded devices that we have can only run a version of linux that is limited to C++98 (Using the GCC4 compiler).

    I know that Qt switched to C++ 11 with Qt 5, but not all the libraries use it. Does anyone know if its possible to use Remote Objects with gcc4?


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    Huh, your assumptions are not quite true.

    C++11 is a requirement for building Qt since Qt 5.7. I am not sure if that requirement extends to user applications. However, Qt Remote Objects is a new module, added in 5.9, so I guess it does not help you much, unless you are able to cross-compile it on another machine and check if it works on your embedded device.

    Another misconception is that GCC 5 is required. The minimal version of GCC for Qt 5.9 is GCC 4.8, if I recall correctly. It might have been 4.7. So in that sense yes, Qt Remote Objects will work with GCC 4. I think it also might work with older versions, as the module itself was created even before Qt 5.7. But again, I'm recalling from memory, I may be wrong.

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