Accessibility permissions not granted when asked from a Qt application on macOS

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    I have developed a Qt application on macOS 10.12 with Qt5.9.1. The sources are mixed, with Objective-c code that uses AppKit classes. This requires Accessibility Access and a dialog is shown when the application is run in order to allow the user to grant permissions from "Security & Privacy" -> "Accessibility".

    First problem is that even after I select my application from the list in order to grant privileges, the same message is shown when rerunning the application.

    Second problem is that in the list the application icon is not shown, instead a black icon (terminal) is shown. Not sure if this problem is related to the first one.

    The application bundle is generated with macdeployqt.

    Running the application from QtCreator has the accessibility rights, because QtCreator has these rights, so I suspect that the problem comes from the way the application bundle is generated.

    Can you help with these issues ?


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    Can you provide a minimal code sample that reproduce this behaviour ?

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