Uneven tick distance in charts

  • Hello :)
    Is it possible to have uneven distance between the tick marks in a chart(line series) ?
    I'm asking because I'd like to have the ticks in chart with a horizontal datetimeaxis placed at the same time (00:00).
    The number of ticks remains the same, but the mark are now positioned at the start of the day. I'd like to be able to do this, because I display daily records , and don't need to display the time in my chart, only the date. Therefore tick marks going somewhere between two recordings don't make any sense.
    Here is what I want to achieve. I also display the hours in this example, but in my program I only need the days and months.


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  • don't need to display the time in my chart

    Then don't display it: axis->setFormat(chart->locale().dateFormat(QLocale::ShortFormat));

  • Yes, I know that. I only displayed it in the example. I want to say that I have daily records of temperatures, so my chart doesn't keep track of the time of the day. Therefore I want to have tick marks going through 0:00( start of the day) to make sense.

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