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Duplicating QQuickItems on multipe screens

  • I hope someone can help me with my question how to mirror QQuickItems on a secondary screen.

    Suppose I have a QML Window on each monitor. One of the QML Windows contain a QQuickItem (and subitems) which needs to be mirrored onto the secondary Window. What could be an efficient way to do it?
    The use of QQuickWindow::grabWindow() isn't an option because of the expected performance issues as mentioned in the docs. Especially because animations and such need to be flawlessly played on the other screen. Accessing the scene graph items of individual QQuickItems seems to be impossible with the public API.
    The mirrored item doesn't have to respond to user input in a way that it handles keypresses for instance.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • Hi! QQuickRenderControl is what you're looking for.

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