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Can't find plugin "modelsplugin"

  • Complied Qt5.9 can't use TreeView in Qt quick 2 app.

    I complied Qt5.9 on vs2013 with static library.
    Found the TreeView can not be used.

    import QtQuick.Controls 1.4

    running output:

    qrc:/ module "QtQml.Models" plugin "modelsplugin" not found

    both application and QT library complied with /MT flags.

    And under the QT_Path\qtbase\qml\QtQml\Models.2 folder, I only found .lib file ,no dll files:

     D:\QT\5.9.1\qtbase\qml\QtQml\Models.2 Directory
    2017/08/29  18:27    <DIR>          .
    2017/08/29  18:27    <DIR>          ..
    2017/08/04  13:02            40,982 modelsplugin.lib
    2017/08/04  13:02             1,367 modelsplugin.prl
    2017/08/04  13:02           189,646 modelsplugind.lib
    2017/08/04  13:02             1,384 modelsplugind.prl
    2017/06/22  14:46             4,537 plugins.qmltypes
    2017/06/22  14:46                90 qmldir

    did any one konw how to fix the problem?

  • I'm wondering complied Qt library case the problem.

    Configure -qt-libjpeg -qt-zlib -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -developer-build  -nomake examples -nomake tests  -skip webkit -no-plugin-manifests  -no-openssl -skip multimedia -skip qt3d  -no-dbus -platform win32-msvc2017  -opensource -confirm-license -mp -no-warnings-are-errors -static

    -no-plugin-manifests may case it. trying to recomplie Qt.

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