DirectShowPlayerService::doPause: Unresolved error code 0x8000ffff ()

  • Hi,

    I did not found anyone having the same error on google. Except of a general Windows error, that a windows function is broken.
    Sometimes the Video is able to play, and If I am unlucky I get this error.

    I am using QMediaplayer and I am setting my File from local URL.

    Does somebody else ever had this problem? Is it a Windows problem?

    I would just try to catch this error and set the media again.

    Thanks in advance

  • I catched the Error:

    DirectShowPlayerService::doPlay: Unresolved error code 0x8000ffff ()

    According to the Documentation:

    Value 1
    A media resource couldn't be resolved.

    The catch method sets the Media again, so it is working now.

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