Can't establish connection with Data Storage

  • I want to create an application for Windows which uploads and downloads some file from/to EDS. It works fine when I'm running this application on my own machine where I have my Qt (even not from Qt). When I'm running my application from other Windows machine, it doesn't report any problems, but any EnginioClient function which requires connection to EDS is always failed. I have tried to put some .dll in the same directory with my application, but it doesn't help.

    What .dll am I really need to put together with my application? Or is there another way to solve the problem?

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    @cartertuner said in Can't establish connection with Data Storage:


    It sounds like it needs additional dlls.

    i would use
    to check out its dlls and see some is missing on the other machine.

    Also just to be sure
    its not just dead ?
    Sounds like it still works at dev machine so im not sure we are talking about same EnginioClient ?

    Did you use windeply tool to create the deployment folder?

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