Widget for alphanumeric GUI

  • Hello,

    I need to develop a GUI that allows entry of numbers and the alphabet plus other items like backspace, space, "-", etc. It would be shown in a matrix, something like what the Roku box GUI has (and others I'm sure), to enter text. The device physically has UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/ENTER buttons only. I am unsure of what widget to use, or subclass from (i.e. QLabel, QPushButton, etc).

    When focus is on a widget key, it needs to be a different color. When the user presses an arrow key, it must move either left/right/up or down, not follow the tab order (there is no need for a tab order, because no tab button). And when the user presses the ENTER key, the letter/number that is highlighted will briefly change color.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • I would use a QTableView (or QTableWidget).
    Or, if you want to go the QtQuick way, use a grid.

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