Qt5 dlls committing large amounts of virtual memory

  • When I compile the "Qt Quick Controls 2 - Contact List" example project (available through Qt Creator) under Qt 5.9.1 - mingw53_32 - and run it under VMMap, I notice that the Qt5 specific dlls have a very large amount of memory committed. The Qt5 specific dlls (e.g., Qt5Guid.dll, Qt5Qmld.dll) have about 1.57GB of memory committed! This is a problem for me in other 32 bit projects where my application code cannot allocate enough memory (std::bad_alloc starts getting thrown when trying to allocate more than 2 GB total).

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    In that case shouldn't you use the release version to have a lower memory foot print ?

  • It looks like the Qt specific dlls have significantly less memory committed when the application is compiled in release mode. Thanks!

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