[solved] how to use fixqt4header.pl

  • hi there
    i wonder what is the sysntax for fixqt4header.pl
    it keeps on asking about many environment parameters. I recently installed Qt5.9.1 to port an application written by qt4.8.7

    Also, inside the fixqt4header.pl, it is written, this is part of qt porting tools?
    where are these tools?

    thanks in advance

  • Hi! A good general porting guide can be found on our wiki. To answer your specific question, fixqt4headers.pl automatically migrates #include directives from Qt4 names to their corresponding Qt5 ones. Let's say you have a directory /home/omran/myproject/src containing files for a Qt4-based project.

    • open a terminal
    • cd into said directory
    • run fixqt4headers.pl with the parameter --qtdir=XXX, where XXX points to your Qt5 installation, something like /opt/Qt5/.....

    If everything went well, it will print something like: Done. Modified 23 of 42 file(s).

  • thank you, thats fine. I have another problem with sql static call and made another thread for it. I would appreciate if you help, thank you.

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