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[solved] how to use

  • hi there
    i wonder what is the sysntax for
    it keeps on asking about many environment parameters. I recently installed Qt5.9.1 to port an application written by qt4.8.7

    Also, inside the, it is written, this is part of qt porting tools?
    where are these tools?

    thanks in advance

  • Hi! A good general porting guide can be found on our wiki. To answer your specific question, automatically migrates #include directives from Qt4 names to their corresponding Qt5 ones. Let's say you have a directory /home/omran/myproject/src containing files for a Qt4-based project.

    • open a terminal
    • cd into said directory
    • run with the parameter --qtdir=XXX, where XXX points to your Qt5 installation, something like /opt/Qt5/.....

    If everything went well, it will print something like: Done. Modified 23 of 42 file(s).

  • thank you, thats fine. I have another problem with sql static call and made another thread for it. I would appreciate if you help, thank you.

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