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Qt 5.9.1 non-commercial Qt Charts and Visual Studio 2015

  • I've got a problem concernig Qt 5.9.1 non-commercial and Qt Charts in Visual Studio 2015 (msvc2015_64). I've use the online Installer for Windows to install Qt and already checked that QtCharts is installed using Qt Maintenance Tool.

    When I try to compile my programcode in Visual Studio, I get Linker Error due to unresolved external symbols. I know that I have to add the qt5charts.dll, but there is non on my system.

    I have tried to compile the chartthemes example. When I use the Qt Creator, it is no problem, but it is compiles as 32 bit. Due to other libraries we need to compile our programs as 64bit.

    What am I missing for using QtCharts?

    Thanks in advance

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    @M.-Niemeyer So, you installed Qt 5.9.1 msvc2015_64?
    You said the example builds as 32bit, that means you have 32bit Qt.
    Make sure you installed Qt + QtCharts for msvc2015_64.
    Also do you have this line in your pro file:

    QT += charts

    There is no need to add qt5charts.dll manually.

  • I am able to compile my programs using Qt in 64bit but if I try to add QCharts I get unresolved linker error because of missing dlls.

    We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 so we don't use .pro files but have .vcxproj and .sln files instead. If I try to compile my project as Qt .pro poject with

    QT += charts

    it tells me that charts is unknown.

    I've added a screenshot of my QT configuration according to the maintenance tool.0_1503664610366_qt_install.PNG

    If I am really missing the 64bit version, how can I obtain it.

  • Many thanks. I've solved the problem by adding and installing UWPx64 (MSVC2015) in the maintenance tool.

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    @M.-Niemeyer said in Qt 5.9.1 non-commercial Qt Charts and Visual Studio 2015:


    This is strange. UWP means "Universal Windows Platform". This is something different to msvc2015 which is native. Qt Charts should be available for msvc2015 as well.

  • @jsulm The Qt5Charts.dlls were only available after installing this additional package. All other Qt-Dlls I need (Qt5Widgets, Qt5Core, Qt5Gui, ...) could allready be found in the QTDIR\bin after installing msvc2015. Somehow there was an installation problem. After altering the installation, the QtCharts-dll where added into the mscv2015_64 directory-structure. Actually I do not use the UWP package.

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