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Replace "Header: #include <CCryptoThread> " for generated documentation to correct string.

  • QDoc assumes that header file is the same as name of the class in documentation.
    \class CCryptoThread

    But in custom project it is not. I have header file CCryptoThread.h and perhaps can be even another header file where CCryptoThread. class is declared.
    Is it possible to set for QDoc to include correct header string in the documentation like?

    Header: #include <CCryptoThread.h> 

    Unfortunately I cannot find but it is strange that it could not be possible because it is common task for using QDoc for customer projects.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Do you mean that you will have the exact same class declared several times in your project ?

  • @SGaist No. By default QDoc puts the following string in generated documentation for my class:

    #include <CCryptoThread> 

    But in my code the header file is: CCryptoThread.h, or even more correct : ccryptoheader.h
    Therefore in generated documentation for class should be the real header file where class is declared:

    #include <cryptoheader.h> 

    How can I reach such case?

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    You can try to use the inheaderfile keyword.

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