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sound sometimes breaks up

  • I am creating a QML application that plays sound by clicking "Play Sound Button".
    I use "QSoundEffect"
    and this application have function.
    function has hard work.

    I click button then do function.
    sound breaks up.

    code like this.

    MouseArea {
    onClicked: {
    QSoundEffect effect;
    function() {
    //hard work( TCP/IP communication)

    I'd like to here clear sound.
    How should I do?


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    Shouldn't that "hard working" function be moved in its own thread to avoid blocking the main thread and likely the sound effect ?

  • Thanks for reply!
    I think you are right. but it's so difficult.
    Because this application so big and it has many "hard work".

    I'd like to keep sound in "hard work".
    it's impossible?

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    Why don't you move your SoundEffects in its own thread instead?

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