Qt 3D - 3D Model file - No texture information

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    Imported the car.obj file in 3D using mesh. Car model is shown in gray color. car.mtl file also exist in same directory. I don't see the texture at all.

    Any idea how to integrate this car.mtl with car.obj in Qt-3D ?

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    Are you sure the OBJ reference the MTL correctly?
    Does it show correctly using some viewer ?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    both are in same directory. I have not done any modification. obj file contains the name of the mtl file also.

    I tried to qt examples which contact Qt_log.obj example. This works perfectly. It has reference to mtl file. However there is no mtl file in this example.

    Not sure what should we do with mtl file. Not clear in docs as well.

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