Do Qt Programs Have Permssion to Copy Files to the Users Directory?

  • I am trying to copy a file from a qrc resource location to a temporary location where microsoft word can open it. The copy() method in the code below returns false. Any ideas why? I think it might be because the program doesn't have permission to copy the file to the user directory.

    const QString GNULicenseCopyDirectory = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::TempLocation);
    if (QFile::exists(GNULicenseCopyDirectory + "/COPYINGtemp.docx"))
            QFile::remove(GNULicenseCopyDirectory + "/COPYINGtemp.docx");
    bool results = QFile::copy(":/resources/Copying.docx",
    GNULicenseCopyDirectory + "/COPYINGtemp.docx");
    QDesktopServices::openUrl("file:///" + GNULicenseCopyDirectory + "/COPYINGtemp.docx");

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    Are you sure the qrc path is correct ?

    You should also consider putting the path to the temp file in a variable. You are calling GNULicenseCopyDirectory + "/COPYINGtemp.docx" four times thus it means that if you modify the file name for whatever reasons, you'll have to do it also four times.

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