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Translucent loading animation on top of certain widget.

  • Hello

    I am researching a way to implement a 50% gray shade on any widget.
    The shading should be somehow dynamic meaning it should be independent of widget size.

    On top of the shade i want to display a loading animation.

    Can someone guide me in the right track on how the shade can be done ?

    Thank you

  • Do you want to do this without touching the widget, you'd probably have to install an event filter on the paint event and try to add the translucent gray after the widget has been painted.

  • I found some resources , i will share, i implemented as another widget always on top which takes the shape of my target widget.

    Putting 50% tranlucent background is not hard :) color.setAlpha();

    i still have to give focus to the loading animation and keep it.

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