Qxcbconnection xcberror: 3 (bad window)

  • Hi all

    i am trying to port a code of my project to iMX-6 board where i have developed an application using Qt,Qml. when i port and dump the code to the board, it is working fine. but a one point when i want to read some values form the LPC-2129 board connected to iMX-6 it is giving me the following error and it is entering in infinite loop.

    QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 580,resource id: 8388719, major code: 40 (Translatecoords), minor code: 0

    Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue ?


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    @Naveen_D I fear you will need to show the code where you do the reading.

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