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Open QDialog on top of fullscreen QWindow

  • Hi guys,

    We have an application that let's users play a game on a QWindow.
    Sometimes we spawn a modal QDialog on top of that window to get input or just show a progressbar.

    The problem is that several users are complaining about those dialogs not showing up on top of the game in fullscreen mode.
    Sadly I can't reproduce this issue and so far it has (to my knowledge) only happened with Nvidia GPUs.

    I tried parenting the dialog to the gamewindow and also the windowflag WindowStaysOnTopHint.
    Another try was to set the dialog's screen to the gamewindow screen.

    Any ideas how to fix this? Or is this really something caused by Nvidia drivers?

    Also on multimonitor setups the dialogs seem to spawn on second screen in case the gamewindow was set to fullscreen on the primary screen.

    Thx, Megamouse

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    how do you spawn the QDialog exactly?

  • @raven-worx we just show() it and wait for the result callback on the game thread.
    On my system it opens the dialog centre screen on top of everything like you would expect.
    We have the same issue with all similar other dialogs as well. But they also work as expected on my system

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