Working with Developer APIs with QT Webkit

  • I would like to work with ZOMOTO Dev APIs
    Using QNetworkAccessManager, I can send a request but when i try to readall() on QNetworkReply() i could see nothing. So My Query is how to place request and How to read the Content Received, while working with developer APIs of various Applications. An example would be appriciated

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    a shot in the dark: i guess you are reading the content of the reply just after you sent it? Means you aren't waiting for the reply's finished signal?!

  • Hi Raven,

    I am doing it. After finished signal, in the connected slot i am trying to reply->readall(). But it returns empty.

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    then what is the reply's error() return?
    Maybe a redirect? Or more probably an authentication issue since you are using an API.
    But you need to provide more info...

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