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chenage positoin of listelement in gallery example

  • Hi dear friends , I am new at QT and QML.
    I want costume the gallery example in the qt creator , I could change the drawer open from right side and now I want to change the position of listelement titles to the right drawer , but I don't know how I can do it.
    is there any one here to help me?
    Drawer {
    id: drawer
    width: Math.min(window.width, window.height) / 3 * 2
    height: window.height
    interactive: stackView.depth === 1

        ListView {
            id: listView
            focus: true
            currentIndex: -1
            anchors.fill:  parent
            delegate: ItemDelegate {
                width: parent.width
                text: model.title
                highlighted: ListView.isCurrentItem
                 onClicked: {
                    listView.currentIndex = index
            model: ListModel {
                ListElement { title: "BusyIndicator"; source: "qrc:/pages/BusyIndicatorPage.qml" }
                ListElement { title: "Button"; source: "qrc:/pages/ButtonPage.qml" } 


             ScrollIndicator.vertical: ScrollIndicator { }

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