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Call a function from child

  • Hello;
    I would like to call a function from a child form by pressing a button, so I put these codes in my Main window form:

    void MainWindow::Test()
        qDebug()<<"Hello World...";

    And I put these codes in my Child form:

    #include "mainwindow.h"
    void PicExpand::on_pushButton_clicked()
        MainWindow* myMainwindow = qobject_cast<MainWindow*>(parent());
        if (myMainwindow)

    But, it doesn't work !

    Thanks for helping.

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    @MSDQuick said in Call a function from child:

    But, it doesn't work !

    then probably the widget is not a parent of the MainWindow?!

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    To add to @raven-worx, what you are planning to do is bad design more specifically tight coupling. Why should the child know anything about its parent and furthermore call a function of it ?

    If you want your MainWindow to react to something happening in the child then you should use signals and slots.

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