Qt Quick app stays frozen when try to run

  • Since the last update to QT 5.9.1 with Qt Creator 4.3.0, something went wrong with my QT Quick application. It's building correctly, but when I try to run it it stays frozen. I tried to solve the problem with the following alternatives: (I´m using windows 10 64bit)


    • I tried to reeintall the QT;

    • I created an empty widget project and works, but empty Qt Quick project stays frozen;

    • I tried to update the directx 12;

    • I installed the Qt 5.8, Qt 5.9.0 and Qt 5.9.1 for the MinGW compiler and tried to run a new qt quick project with each of these.

    All these alternative didn´t make effect. The still stays frozen in the startup of the app.

    Anyone can help me?
    Thank you for any idea.

  • That app icon - indicates to me you are using VPlay?

    Does it start to behave after waiting like 5 to 10 min?
    I am non-VPlay but sometimes do peer review with another developer who does have vPlay.

    Seems to take a long time the first time only there. How long do you wait?
    Try taking a walk / coffee while it's starting up and see if it comes good?

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