QTreeWidgetItems and gradients, is it possible?

  • Hi there,

    I have a QTreeWidget where I need the text of the different items to be of different colors. QTreeWidgetItem::setForeground works great as long as you use a brush that's a single color, but I thought it'd be nice to use linear gradients instead. However nothing I do seems to work. For example:

    QLinearGradient l_gradient(0,0,100,100);
    l_gradient.setColorAt(0, Qt::blue);
    l_gradient.setColorAt(1, Qt::white);

    QBrush l_brush (l_gradient);
    lp_item->setForeground(0, l_brush);

    appears to do nothing. Am I doing it wrong, or are gradients for tree widget items just not supported at this point?

    Thanks, Nir

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