Application not displaying correctly on Windows 7

  • I'm beta testing an application which runs with no problems on Windows 10. Yesterday i deployed it to a windows 7 machine and some of the fields on one form did not showed up. In another form the text edit field and the drop down buttons were flatten, the with of them was ok, and it will show the menu on on the drop down button. The other odd thing was that a calculation field. did not work.
    I tried to change the resolution on the windows 7 machine, but did not change a thing.
    Is anyone experienced problems with other versions of windows?

  • Did you follow exactly those rules?

  • @Dan3460

    I think there may be a problem with your system screen resolution. can you check resolution of both the systems.

  • @Kaluss, yes the application works fine in several computers running Windows 10. I did not see, on that document, any comment about older operating systems. If is something there could you pointed out for me?

    @Venkatesh-V, the windows 7 was running at 1600x900, the same as the other 2 windows 10 machines. On the windows 7 i played with 1024x768 abd 800x600, but the application showed the same behavior

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    @Dan3460 said in Application not displaying correctly on Windows 7:

    some of the fields on one form did not showed up

    Hmm .that is truly odd.

    I would try make default gui app and add some edits to the mainwin
    and run on test pc. If something wrong with Qt, they should also do odd stuff.
    This way we rule out its anything in the real apps code that does it.

    Similar issues i have seen came from invalid font / and or gfx driver issue.

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    @Dan3460 Do you use layouts?

  • @mrjj I tried the application on a couple of other computers and run fine, one running windows 8 other don't remember but it was not windows 7.
    @jsulm Sorry don't understand what you mean with layouts, i'm using tableview and tablewidget on a dialog.

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    It is impossible to guess at without code or pictures.

    You should try with small test app to be sure its reproducible.

    What Qt version are we talking about ?

    It dont sound like you used layout so it can scale to different resolutions.

    But it also sounds like buttons are drawn invisible but are still clickable ?

    So there are enough room for the whole window?

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  • @jsulm sorry now i understand. I used QCreator to make the different screens. My guess is that qcreator uses layouts when you group buttons and other elements.
    @mrjj I'm running QCreator 4.3.1 and QT 5.9.1. Don't know if make sense to post the code, is probably 4000 lines.
    I will make a small application to test, but so far this only happens on the only computer that is running W7, is probably time for him to upgrade anyway.
    To really make good tests i would need to downgrade one of my machines to W7, if people here think that this is important i would do that.
    I thought that this may have been something common.

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    @Dan3460 What do you mean by "group buttons and other elements"? You need to tell QtCreator to use layouts for your UI elements.

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    its a bit unclear if u actually designed the app for different resolutions.
    Does it do like this ?
    alt text

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