Regarding to arrange the keyboard to the below as the Qt provided virtual keyboard

  • Hi,

    Regarding how to align the keyboard at the bottom, we have move() method which takes x and y cocordinates.

    i want to have similar to other virtual keyboard , in the keyboard which is being developed.
    How can i achieve like the below mentioned image.

    0_1502730119903_Screenshot (29).png

    how can i align at bottom ?.

    0_1502730167625_Screenshot (44).png


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    availableGeometry() return screen size without tray size
    and screenGeometry() return with.
    So the difference is the height of the tray / start bar.

    Note its possible to a setting so it will auto hide.
    Also, you can move it to any corner.
    So dont assume is at bottom always. :)

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