Ssl Socket Multi thread working example (or with thread pools)

  • Hi all, how change this example to ssl socket server or where can i find working example with ssl socket server with Qt.
    Thanks for the help
    Nice day all...

    1. I don't like that example
    2. it's nothing major, you need to create a key and a certificate (you can do it with OpenSSL) then here after
            emit error(socket->error());



  • Hi, does not work.

  • Can you be more specific?

    • did you use QSslSocket?
    • did you create the QSslCertificate cert?
    • did you create the QSslKey key?
    • did you deploy OpenSSL?
    • if you self-signed the certificate, did you tell the client to ignore that?

  • Thanks,
    but write a working example or do not write at all (In ass with such help).
    I will test this example:

    P.S. Why those who write these documents(helps) do not think of any meaningful example of code.

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    @Breakermind said in Ssl Socket Multi thread working example (or with thread pools):

    (In ass with such help

    If you really would like to get help here you should respect other people!
    You get support here for free from people who are not paid to help you.

    "but write a working example or do not write at all" - seriously? Did you even try what @VRonin suggested (he even wrote some code)? Do you think he has to do what you tells him to do?

  • I meant more precise answer.
    Just what @VRonin wrote i was read myself in the documentation.
    I found what I needed on java without help and forum (and sever works perfect).

    If someone was offended, it was not my intention.

    Please delete my profile.
    Best wishes

    Qt requires better documentation or more examples. So you do not have to force yourself to read.

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