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RaspberryPi3- EGLFS : Could not find DRM device

  • $export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs
    $export QT_LOGGING_RULES=qt.qpa.*=true
    $./Program -platform eglfs
    qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: EGL device integration plugin keys: ("eglfs_kms_egldevice","eglfs_kms","eglfs_X11")
    qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: EGL device integration plugin keys (sorted): ("eglfs_kms","eglfs_kms_egldevice","eglfs_X11")
    qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: Trying to load device EGL integration "eglfs_kms"
    qt.qpa.egldeviceintegration: Using EGL device integrtion "eglfs_kms"
    qt.qpa.input: udev device discovery for type QFlags(0x10)
    qt.qpa.input: Found matching devices ()
    qt.qpa.eglfs.kms: Found the following video devices ()
    Could not find DRM device!

    There is no /dev/dri directory on traget neither /sys/class/drm
    Is this pbm with udev or something else ?

    with lsmod found that no drm module is inserted
    however /lib/modules/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm.ko is available.

    but even after inserting no improvement.

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