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iOS QML Purchasing of In-App products...

  • In the iTunes Connect interface..

    On the Capabilities tab..the In-App Purchase toggle is set to “ON”

    The app is uploaded. In-App purchases are defined in iTunes Connect.

    All the “In-App Purchases” items shows…Status = Ready to Submit

    If I select the in-app item..I get a new page showing the following..

    In-App Purchases > SomeItem

    Ready to Submit

    The box “Cleared for Sale” is checked

    There is no way that I have found to “enable” the “Submit For Review” button.

    Qt documentation says ”The first time your App makes a request to the sandbox App Store it will request that you login. This is where you should log in using your iTunes test user credentials.”

    I have signed out of the iTunes App Store on my test device.

    When I run the app in TestFlight, Xcode, or from Qt Creator, I have never been ask to log in to the Sandbox Store.

    I have tried to purchase in-app items through Testfilght and the purchase does not work.

    I have tried the purchase in-app items through Xcode and the purchase does not work.

    I have tried the purchase in-app items though Qt Creator and the purchase does not work.

    ***App Output

    Defining the item in the QML “store” at run-time and waiting for the onStatusChanged signal..

    QML defines the “App Store”

    qml: ProductUnlockable::PendingRegistration: item.u.filters
    qml: ProductUnlockable::PendingRegistration: item.u.change
    qml: ProductUnlockable::PendingRegistration: item.u.access

    qml: AppMain:: AppStore::onCompleted:

    qml: ProductUnlockable::onCompleted: item.u.filters
    qml: ProductUnlockable::onCompleted: item.u.change
    qml: ProductUnlockable::onCompleted: item.u.access

    ***Replies from Apple for confirmation the item is available in store for purchase..

    They should all generate Product.Registered signals, but instead all send Product.Unknown

    qml: ***ProductUnlockable::Unknown::not found in the market place: item.u.change
    qml: ***ProductUnlockable::Unknown::not found in the market place: item.u.filters
    qml: ***ProductUnlockable::Unknown::not found in the market place: item.u.access

    What am I missing??

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    The QtPurchase module having been released open source recently you may have better chance asking this question on the interest mailing list. You'll find there QtPurchase developers/maintainers.

  • @SGaist

    Thanks. I posted to the interest list.

    I was hoping someone could confirm that they were able to get the iOS/iTines Purchase process to actually work.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Give it some times, you posted your mail late at night on the weekend (at least for a great part of the people active on that mailing list.)

  • Hi

    Did you find a solution for this ? I am having the same problem.


  • And solutions for this? I met this issue too.

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