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Why does my programm work on ubuntu but crash with SIGSEGV on RPI3?

  • hi,
    i wrote an application for sending canbus frames and it works if i use it on my ubuntu machine.
    but if i use it on my RPi3 it crashes once i start the frame function.
    im clicking a button, then the slot function starts, but right after he went into a while loop it crashes with a sigsegv.

    And another thing, on ubuntu it crashes everytime i want to access a ui element, like a QTextBrowser, if the function is implemented as a slot and during its execution.. i can fix it if i make

    Ui::MainWindow *ui

    public instead of private.

    And is it possible to call functions inside a slot function?
    for example:


    and inside pushAllDataToSlaves there is:


    but a global variable inside slave_send is not 0 as it implemented in it.

    hope you understand everything, greetings

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Why would you need to make your ui variable public ?

    Can you share the code that is running and crashing ?

    What about a stack trace for when it crashes ?

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