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Quicknanobrowser segmentation fault when playing youtube videos

  • The quicknanobrowser is producing segmentation fault when a link from youtube to play videos is clicked, when running with the command

    ./quicknanobrowser -platform wayland

    Please help me with this.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Please provide more information:

    • Qt version
    • Platform
    • Distribution
    • Stack trace
    • etc.

  • Qt version: 5.6
    Platform: i.MX6
    Distribution: Yocto Krogoth
    The following the backtrace from gdb.

    Reading symbols from quicknanobrowser...(no debugging symbols found)...done.
    (gdb) r
    Starting program: /usr/share/qt5/examples/webengine/quicknanobrowser/quicknanobrowser -platform wayland
    [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
    Using host libthread_db library "/lib/".
    Using Wayland-EGL
    [New Thread 0x68df9450 (LWP 1233)]
    [New Thread 0x683ff450 (LWP 1236)]
    [New Thread 0x65d3d450 (LWP 1237)]
    [New Thread 0x653ff450 (LWP 1239)]
    [New Thread 0x649ff450 (LWP 1240)]
    [New Thread 0x641ff450 (LWP 1241)]
    [New Thread 0x637ff450 (LWP 1242)]
    [New Thread 0x62fff450 (LWP 1243)]
    [New Thread 0x627ff450 (LWP 1244)]
    [New Thread 0x61fff450 (LWP 1245)]
    [New Thread 0x617ff450 (LWP 1246)]
    [New Thread 0x60fff450 (LWP 1247)]
    [New Thread 0x607ff450 (LWP 1248)]
    [New Thread 0x5ffff450 (LWP 1249)]
    [New Thread 0x5f7ff450 (LWP 1250)]
    [New Thread 0x5efff450 (LWP 1251)]
    [New Thread 0x5e7ff450 (LWP 1252)]
    [New Thread 0x5dfff450 (LWP 1253)]
    [New Thread 0x5d5c6450 (LWP 1255)]
    [New Thread 0x5cdc6450 (LWP 1256)]
    [New Thread 0x5c566450 (LWP 1268)]
    [New Thread 0x5b4ff450 (LWP 1280)]
    [New Thread 0x5a8ff450 (LWP 1281)]
    [Thread 0x5a8ff450 (LWP 1281) exited]
    [New Thread 0x5a8ff450 (LWP 1291)]
    [New Thread 0x5a006450 (LWP 1292)]
    [New Thread 0x59806450 (LWP 1293)]
    [New Thread 0x56a4b450 (LWP 1359)]
    [New Thread 0x53302450 (LWP 1371)]
    [New Thread 0x52b02450 (LWP 1372)]
    [New Thread 0x52302450 (LWP 1373)]
    [New Thread 0x51a82450 (LWP 1374)]
    Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
    [Switching to Thread 0x52b02450 (LWP 1372)]
    0x50fab728 in ?? () from /usr/lib/

    I'm able to navigate to But, once I click on a video, the app is being crashed.

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    How did you install libcrypto ?

  • I've not explicitly installed libcrypto but with the help of bitbake-ing meta-elf layer, I guess the library is available.

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    Do you mean you added it later rather than as part of the image you built for Qt ?

  • @SGaist Yes! I've added the it as a separate package as shown below.
    Integrating QTWebEngine to the image:

    Just add the following lines of code to conf/local.conf QTWebEngine for integration.

    IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "

    Also add the following code in sources/meta-qt5/recipes-qt/packagegroups/

    RDEPENDS_${PN} += "
    If you want WebEngine examples in the image, add the following code in conf/local.conf

    IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " qtwebengine-examples

  • @SGaist Sorry for the late reply, as I was out to town. Please help me with this. The issue is still on the same status.

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    Are you on the latest 5.6 version ?

    On a side note, 5.9 is the new LTS.

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