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How to understand media object does not support monitoring video?

  • I want to use the Qt to play video and capture some frames during playing. I read Video Overview and read Working with Low Level Video Frames and Monitoring Video Frames. They are my want. I also find demo customvideowidget in "Examples/multimediawidgets/customvideosurface/customvideowidget".

    I runned the demo in my ubuntu 16 yesterday. it runned ok. very good. it was playing smoothly. and today, I Run the same Demo in Win7, it was playing slowly. In my Mac Os, it was playing smoothly.

    I also tried to use QVideoProbe to capture frame, but in my OS X EI Caption Mac mini and Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise , QVideoProbe::setSource(QMediaObject) both return false. it means the media object does not support monitoring video. I don't understand it's mean.

    • How to playing video smoothly when subclass surface in my Win7?
    • How to make media object to support monitoring video in my Win7 and mini Mac?
    • or other good ways to capture frame during playing video ?

    In Ubuntu, Qt5.8
    In Win7, miniMac Qt5.7

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    Not all backends provide all capabilities some times because the underlying platform doesn't. You have to check that.

    For the decoding, you have to check what codec you are using.

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