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Scrollzoomer axis update

  • Hi,

    I need help with scrollzoomer implementation. I used scrollzoomer from qwt examples and I need to do some modification with this functionality. In my app I read some data from file and generate plot with zoomer enabled.
    Axis of the plot are initiated with max and min values from data and set using setAxisScale. My problem is to resolve situation when zoom area have a part outside of default plot region. It is ilustrated at below image:

    When user use vertical scrollbar, jump of the plot can be observed and I have a question how it is possible to avoid this situation. I suspect this is caused by zoomBase set up with default axis values, but I need some help how to figure it out to set axis/scrollbar value in proper way.

    thanks for any sugestions.

  • Hi! For questions related to Qwt's API better ask the Qwt guys on their mailing list, see Qwt Support.

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