I can run qt application on Terminal , However I can't run it on GUI by double clicking

  • I have just developed a qt-application on ubuntu-17.
    As building it , I can run it directly on qt creator and I can also run on terminal too.
    But i can't run it on GUI by double clicking
    When i check its property, I can see permission-"Allow executing file as program"

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    In Creator, path are setup for you.
    Most likely in a shell, it has the right paths to find the Qt runtime.
    But when db click its not.

    You should make a deployment folder for it as you will need that anyway if to run on other pc.
    (look at gcc section)

  • Hi mrjj
    Thank you very much for your commit
    I am trying on one machine above operation
    On only terminal, I can run a file built by qt .
    However I can't run that file on GUI by double clicking

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    It all comes down to paths and where the Qt so/dlls files are located.

  • I created new project for checking out above problem.
    This blank project also has the same problem
    That is , double clicking is not works for running a file compiled by Qt
    I use Ubuntu17, QtCreator4.2.1 based on Qt5.8.0
    Platform is 64bit

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    It do not matter what Qt project. it all works the same.
    You need to make a deployment folder.

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