Why AxisActionHandler isn't type at the qml 3D?

  • Qt 5.9.1
    I am using an example CameraController.qml Example File, but I am not getting to use it, it is giving error in the class qml AxisActionHandler is not type.

    Can someone help me?.

    I want to make the camera control for the 3D game.

  • Does the "Qt 3D : Simple QML Example" work?

  • @Wieland yes, it is working but Camera Controller.qml has Axis ActionHandler and it's not a type

  • The Simple QML Example does not use CameraController.qml. It uses OrbitCameraControl. When I change it to use CameraControl it also does not find AxisActionHandler.

    QAxisActionHandler was a private Qt header in 5.6 and it seems 'ActionHandlers' are no longer used in newer versions. I guess there will be a big update for handling input anytime soon.

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