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How to make D-Bus server side call as asynchronous

  • For my project , I am using DBUS as IPC to interact between QT application ( Client Side ) and my service daemon (Server-Side - GIO / GDBUS ). At client side , methods are invoked asynchronously using QDBusPendingCallWatcher.

    However at server side , how to make method call as async . As per my understanding , "g_dbus_method_invocation_return_value" will return response with output parameters making method invocation as sync.

    One way I can think of is to return intermediate response using g_dbus_method_invocation_return_value and then once final response is received emit the final response as signal.

    Please provide suggestion.

  • Hi! If you have questions regarding Gnome's APIs, better ask someone at the GNOME Developer Center.

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