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Convert 0xAABBCCDD to QString DDCCBBAA

  • Hello,
    I need to convert for example from int 0xAABBCCDD to QString DDCCBBAA. I think it's any function of QByteArray but I can't find more.

    I have this code, but It doesn't work properly, output is last two letters.

    #define NUMBER           0xAAFC
        QByteArray array;
        qDebug() << QString(array.toHex());

    Thanks for help, byte actions aren't my friends.

  • The fact that you used symmetric bytes (e.g. AA instead of A1) makes it somewhat ambiguous. See if this suits you

    QString hexString = QString::number(0xA1B2C3D4,16);

    this will produce 4D3C2B1A

    if you wanted D4C3B2A1 instead you can indeed use bitshift:

    QString hexString;
    for(auto number = 0xA1B2C3D4;number;number >>=8)
    hexString.append(QString::number(number & 0xFF,16));


    Fixed error in code

  • @pVit

    QString hexString = QString::number(0xAABBCCDD,16);

    works fine to have upper case
    QString s = hexString.toUpper();
    you will get string in upper case

  • @VRonin
    Thanks a lot. I only fixed number >>=1 to number >>=8 for correct function. Now it works as I need.

  • I only fixed number >>=1 to number >>=8

    Yep, sorry you are correct, I was thinking in bytes for some reason. Need more ☕

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