Custom type with properties like QML color

  • Hi all,

    I can register custom type (not QObject derivative) and with QGadget & Q_INVOKABLE macro get access to its functions,
    is there any way to have similar functionality like QML color, to have property-like access:

    property color someColor: "red"
    // then we have access to its "props" like:
    someColor.r // red component
    someCalor.a // alpha

    Is it possible for custom type which has to be light like in this example QColor/QML color is?

  • Hi! Yes that's possible:

    class Pet
        Q_PROPERTY(QString name READ name WRITE setName)
        Q_PROPERTY(int age READ age WRITE setAge)
        QString name() const { return m_name; }
        void setName(const QString &name) { m_name = name; }
        int age() const { return m_age; }
        void setAge(int age) { m_age = age; }
        QString m_name;
        int m_age = 0;

  • @Wieland Thanks a million.

  • By the way,
    Is there any difference for such a case

    Q_PROPERTY(QString name READ name WRITE setName)
    QString name() const { return m_name; }
    void setName(const QString &name) { m_name = name; }
    property Pet pet


    Q_INVOKABLE QString name() const { return m_name; }
    property Pet pet

    I mean speed or memory consumption, which one is more preferable?

  • @SeeLook said in Custom type with properties like QML color:


    It's both correct and useful code. The only difference is that if you add Q_INVOKABLE then that function is also registered to the meta object system / can also be called from QML. Speed: don't know, sry.

  • Long time a go i register all standard xsl:fo color same color from openoffice or apache fop xml

    i register as FopColor:FopColor

    record("black" 	,QColor( 0, 0, 0,255));
    	record("blanchedalmond"	,QColor(255, 235, 205,255));
    	record("blue"	,QColor( 0, 0, 255,255));
    	record("blueviolet" 	,QColor(138, 43, 226,255));
    	record("brown"	,QColor(165, 42, 42,255));
    	record("burlywood"	,QColor(222, 184, 135,255));
    	record("cadetblue"	,QColor( 95, 158, 160,255));
    	record("chartreuse"	,QColor(127, 255, 0,255));
    	record("chocolate"	,QColor(210, 105, 30,255));
    	record("coral" 	,QColor(255, 127, 80,255));
    	record("cornflowerblue"	,QColor(100, 149, 237,255));
    	record("cornsilk" 	,QColor(255, 248, 220,255));
    	record("crimson"	,QColor(220, 20, 60,255));
    	record("cyan"	,QColor( 0, 255, 255,255));
           and many moore...


    all this color you find inside openoffice libreoffice format to read odt file ... qt can write odt file (but not read) i suppose now in qt5 have moore specification...
    inside Okular source you find out the same color specification.. the list is very long...

  • Thank You for the answers.
    It clarified steps to take in my code.

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