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Why QQuickItem geometry uses floating point units?

  • Hi,

    Why QQuickItem width, height, x , y is a floating point units? It's not like Qt can somehow paint one third of a pixel.
    I'm asking because I'm porting QWidget application to QtQuick. QWidget application uses a lot of QPoint variables with widget interaction.
    So does rewriting all those variables to QPointF would be beneficial or should I just use QPointF::toPoint?

  • Moderators

    because - at least in one aspect it is - like in the QGraphics framework it's possible to apply transformations, which do not map to pixels in almost all cases.
    Using non-float types would result in very unprecise results.

  • Quick sits on top of OpenGL (at least it was tied to it when it was new), and the fundamental type for coordinates is float in the GPU world.

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