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4K Resolution Problem While Switching The Application From High to Low

  • Dear Friends,
    I have a Qt application when i am trying to switching between the low resolution to high resolution then its a problem.what we want if we switch between low resolution to high resolution it should automatically adjust .so first i read about that i found Qt Supports the high resolution.


    I tried the both ways the first one does not work.The second one is working but partially when i move from low resolution to high resolution(4K) then it adjust and if again i am moving back to high to low then it changes to bigger size.
    Please let me know if any thing i am missing.
    Waiting for your response guys.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What version of Qt ?
    On what OS ?
    If on Linux, what distribution ?
    What graphic hardware ?

  • @SGaist : I am using the Qt 5.8.0.
    i am using the windows 10 Enterprise

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Again: what graphic hardware ?
    What driver ?

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