[Solved] activateWindow only works after there has been a mouse click on the window.

  • I want to programmatically active a windows focus. I have a pointer to the QDeclarativeView. What I do now is


    This seems simple and it works 99% of the time. The problem I am getting into is If the window has not been focused by a mouse click, activateWindow() does nothing. Once I click the window activateWindow() works perfectly.

    In my system there is no mouse, only a keyboard with arrow keys and an enter button (D-Pad). So when I want to show a popup window with accept/cancel buttons on it I need to be able to force the focus onto the popup window so the user can navigate to the desired buttons and press enter. Is there a way to focus a window without the first mouse click?

  • Turns out I needed to make another call:


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