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Remnants of Qt classes on disk

  • I am hoping I post this in the correct spot, honestly I'm not sure where it'd fall.

    I am writing an app (for both linux and windows) that will allow a user to edit a binary file on a usb drive with an option to format the drive itself. So far it seems to be working and everything seems to work just fine for both OSs (formatting for Linux hasnt been fully implemented/tested yet but I have tried a few things). However, I decided to check the physical disk and the file in a hex editor to make sure everything was working as expected. In the physical disk I found a lot (a couple thousand bytes worth) of data. It doesnt seem to be in a partition table and the ASCII interpretation of it shows things like linux paths to my install and various libraries, as well as class names such as Qt_WidgetCreate (or something similar) and language pack names. I have no idea why anything should be written to the actual disk and not just the file, and as far as I can tell it only happens because of the linux side. I have zeroized and reformated the disk and dont see anything strange with the Windows side, but with Linux I managed to get it to show up again after running it through some tests.
    Some of the methods I am using for the app are opening the file as a QFile, editing as needed, and then closing. For formatting the drive in linux I am using a QProcess of a .sh which calls to mkdosfs (it doesnt format the disk exactly like I want but its just a test at the moment).
    Any information or suggestions would be much appreciated and I apologize in advance if I did not post this correctly. Thanks!

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