How to make video from web cam

  • Hello
    I want to make video from web cam with sound.

    1. I can run example "qtmultimedia/examples/multimediawidgets/camera" and store encoded video in file
      But how get this data in my buffer, such as event of incoming encoded data ?

    2. The video is stored without a sound, is it possible to make videos with sound ?

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    ad 1) is QVideoProbe class sufficent for you?
    ad 2) there is also a QAudioRecorder class (inherits QMediaRecorder). I don't know if you can use QAudioRecorder to record video and audio concurrently.

  • @raven-worx

    1. as i understand QVideoFrame is a data to "display", but i want that encoded data from QMediaRecorder for example to send over network by portions

    2. sorry, my fault - sound IS exist in video, mic was disabled in system

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