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  • Hi... Just started my trip with Qt5.9 and its a blast but I'm running into a few issues. Would be interested in buying a few hours of QT5.9 help from someone who is a good mentor and has a great grasp of QT5.9. Send me a note if interested with your hourly rate...



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    You should also mention what's your previous experience with C++ and Qt, and what topics you're keen on covering, so interested parties could give you a better estimate on time and price.

  • Maybe have a look at this

    Disclaimer: Not meant as an advertising. I'm not affiliated with KDAB.

  • @Wieland Thanks for the link... I'll check it out.


  • @kshegunov True, I should have been clearer... Basically, I wrote something already and I am stuck on how to take a QProcess output and put into a box on the MainWindow. The idea that I was hoping for is someone to provide mentoring when I get stuck on specific issues. I do NOT want people to write the code for me, but rather give me hints and best practices. I'll try the link below that @Wieland gave me...


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    You could post your questions on the boards, which is rather the purpose of the forum's existence. We (usually) volunteer to answer, and you'd probably get more bang for the buck compared to other options, as the advice is completely free of charge.
    On the other hand, if this doesn't appeal to or work for you in the long run, you can always go back and take up a dedicated course, search for a consulting contract, etc.

  • @kshegunov Yeah, that's true. Sometimes, I learn better talking things through. Thanks for the insights...


  • Just my quick 2 cents

    I got a job as a Qt Consultant at a Qt Consultant house that does qt training seminars. I knew qt already, but they signed me up for one of their week long seminars which is a few thousand dollars ( they did not make me pay for it ). I personally was unimpressed with the course content given the price others paid and would not recommend it. VoidRealms on YouTube as well as the qt docs online help a ton.

  • I can offer exactly the service you are asking for. Please contact me at for details.

  • Hey teak,

    just mail me at

    I try to solve some of our problems quickly and free of charge just to get in touch and then find out if it's a good idea for you to buy further advice. Often it's better to learn some basic stuff and core concepts to get started yourself. Qt is great for self education as it's documentation is very complete and there's a lot of example code. If you are still interested in buying advice later on, I would offer you some of my spare time for that =)

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