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Problem with AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and TableView (Textsize)

  • Hi,
    I've got a problem with the height and text size of rows in a table.
    I'm Using Qt 5.8 and the Tableview example (Qt\Examples\Qt-5.8\quickcontrols\controls\tableview)

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        //This new line is causing the offense:
        QtQuickControlsApplication app(argc, argv);

    When the attribute AA_EnableHighDpiScaling is set, buttons and texts have a nice size.
    The problem is that the rows are nearly three times higher than buttons.
    Is this a bug or a mistake by me?
    Greetings Grisu

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    You should also add which platform you are running on.

  • Hi,
    it's Android "6.01 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini" and "7.0 on a Galaxy S7".
    On Windows 10 everything looks good.

    Thanks fpr the hint.

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    What if you disable it for the failing platforms ?

  • I'm such an idiot.
    I don't need the attribute, if you use the Label Control and not the Text Control, and delete the font-size every Control has the right size.

    Sorry for bothering you, cannot see the wood for the trees....

    Thanks for your help


  • Ok,
    I reopened it. After one week I realized, that I need the AA_EnableHighDpiScaling attribute, because without it there are a lot of other problems with QtQuick Controls on Android.

    I opened a bug about this problem: QTBUG-62338

    Does someone know an alternativ for the TableView?

    This is how the Tableview looks with the Attribute on Android
    With the Attribbute

    This is how the Tableview looks without the Attribute on Android
    Without the Attribbute

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