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How to make a QVector of a class usable for ui?

  • First things first: I'm very new in Qt, so it definately can be a stupid question.
    I tried to make a QVector that contains Objects of a specific class. Problem here:

    1. I cant append dinamically new items (or I am just too stupid) like
    myVector.append( new myClass(this) );
    1. I cant use the items from the QVector to setup ui like this:
    ui->myGraph->addTab( myVector.last(), "xyz" );

    (I also tried to do this stuff with a QVector of pointers etc. but I just got more problems)

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks for answers!

  • Hi.
    You can store pointers to objects this way. In example:

    MyClass *myObj = new MyClass(this);

    However the question is: what exactly would you like to get from 2)? I mean - what's your use case?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Niagarer You should show more code: what is myVector exactly?
    "I cant append dinamically new items (or I am just too stupid) like" - what exactly is the problem/error?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @artwaw
    Thanks for the answer!
    The problem here is, that I want to add new items dynamically. When I click a button, it should add a new item.
    because of that, I tried to do it the way I showed above (with no specific name, because I dont want to change an existing item, I want to create a new one).

    But I still can not append it to my vector. it says:

    error: no matching function for call to 'QVector<myClass>::append(myClass*&)'

    The second problem is, that it says

    error: no matching function for call to 'QTabWidget::addTab(myClass&, QString&)'
    ui->Graph->addTab(myClasses.last(), "xyz");

    when I try to use the last item of myClasses to set the widget (myClass is a widgetClass) of a new tab.

    Kind Regards!

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    @Niagarer you haven't jet shown us, how you create/define your QVector.

    something like this:

    QVector<QWidget*> myVector;
    QWidget *w = new QWidget(..);

    defenitly work.

  • @jsulm
    Yes, I'm sorry.
    myVector is a vector of myClass objects.
    myClass is a custom QWidget Class.
    I want to create a new object of myClass when I add a new tab in the window and store it in the QVector.

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    With Widgets the vector must be pointers.
    Just as both @artwaw and @J-Hilk shows

    You cannot store the actual widget in the list. must be with new and pointer.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Niagarer said in How to make a QVector of a class usable for ui?:

    myVector is a vector of myClass objects

    then why are you trying to append pointers?
    It should be:

    QVector<QWidget*> myVector;

    as @J-Hilk said.
    Be aware that you should really use pointers as QObjects are not copyable.

  • Ok, thank you all!
    So, as you told me, I just had to use pointers.
    When I useed normal objects (no pointers), I was not able to add the new item to the vector and use it as widget for the new tab.
    The tab takes pointers, I'm sorry, I didn't see that (but, yup it makes sense).
    So now, it looks like:

    QVector<myClass*> myClasses;
    myClass *testMyClass = new myClass(this);
    ui->Graph->addTab( myClasses.last(), "xyz");

    and it works yaay!
    Thanks for all answers!

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