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Question about file exchange between applications

  • Hello,
    I'm not sure if this is the right place for my topic but I will ask nevertheless.
    I'm developing an Android/ iOS App which show and log data from the Sensors. Additionally I will have a desktop program, not done yet, to manage the data files.
    The data from the smartphone app has to be transferred to the desktop application, with the use of a web server.
    The data can be saved as a txt, xml or csv file. In most of the time it will be xml.

    So here is my question.
    I'm not that familiar with the networking stuff. So I missing the starting point. I try one of the example which uses qml web sockets but it dosen't work right.
    So if someone can give me a hint how to do the file transfer I would be very thankful.

    For my developing I use QML with V-Play and C++.

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    @Nils You can start here:
    And take a look at Qt examples.

  • So I read the page and try to use the QUdpSocket example.
    I implementiert the sender in my Android application and the receiver in a second application on my computer. In the wireless network of our lab the communication works and I can receive the datagrams from my android app.
    Now is the questions what I have to do next to send my xml files over the sockets?

    At the moment I would try to search for network partners Wirth a Udo Broadcast to establish a direct connection with Tcp and send my data through the Tcp Socket.
    Is this right or do I miss something?

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    That's one way to do. Another one would be to use Zeroconf to discover the service you want to connect to. It might make things easier.

    Hope it helps

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