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FileDialog not useable on Android devices

  • Hi,
    I'm developing a small app with Qt that is supposed to run on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
    In my app I'm using a file dialog. On Mac it looks as expected. On iOS it's useable. But on Android all the UI elements are way to big.

    Here's a screenshot:

    In the documentation it says:

    The implementation of FileDialog will be a platform file dialog if possible. If that isn't possible, then it will try to instantiate a QFileDialog. If that also isn't possible, then it will fall back to a QML implementation, DefaultFileDialog.qml. In that case you can customize the appearance by editing this file. DefaultFileDialog.qml contains a Rectangle to hold the dialog's contents, because certain embedded systems do not support multiple top-level windows.

    So this is probably the DefaultFileDialog I'm seeing?
    If so, how do I customize it? I don't know where to find it.
    Help is appreciated!

  • Is nobody able to help me on this one?

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